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The Heart of
the Queen City

Welcome to Uptown

In Uptown, culture, arts, sports, dining, entertainment, living and business all intertwine in an amalgamation as people converge to take advantage of every moment and opportunity. It's a colorful, magnetic grid of energy and possibility, a destination within the Center City and a place of love and connections. At each surprising turn, modern architecture, a work of art, a restaurant aroma, a musical note, or a green park beckons, while just a few blocks away, a sports or cultural event packs in fans with shared passions from near and far. It's the place where we come together to celebrate holidays and victories but also the place to voice our truths as we face our community's biggest challenges. With an understanding of our history and hopeful, inclusive and bold plans for our future. Uptown isn't just a place to work or live or play. It's the place where we are better together and life is continually at its fullest, inviting everyone who wants to be part of it all. 

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