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Welcome to Uptown

Whatever challenges we face, there's one place where everyone can count on feeling UPlifted and UPbeat: Uptown. Much more than the heart of our region, it's where our hearts sing, our spirits soar and our feet tap to every beat. Truth is, UPtown has never let us down. The center of commerce and culture, it's the envy of cities without a strong urban core. Look UP, and you'll see an ever-evolving skyline that reflects our can-do attitude. Look around, and you'll see others safely savoring life at its best. There's never been a better time to take advantage of UPtown's on-street entertainment, pop-UP vendors, green parks and the aromas of international cuisine being served UP nearby. And, it's never been more important to support everyone from retailers to restaurant workers to keep their businesses and lives looking UP. Show UP and soak UP the energy. 

QC Cash is a digital gift card for Uptown that can be used at any participating merchant including restaurants, salons and spas, boutiques, sports and entertainment venues, hotels, museums and other cultural institutions and more. Buy QC Cash for your upcoming business lunch, night out or staycation. Your next Uptown experience is waiting for you, sent directly to you as an email or text message.


Uptown Awaits

In this place where we've always celebrated, now we can be invigorated just when we need it most. Right on cue for cool weather and the holidays, everyone can enjoy innovative outdoor dining, reopened museums, public art, open-air shopping and socially distanced live events. UPtown is the perfect place to meet UP safely with friends, family and colleagues and discover what's UP with those you've been missing. 

Things to Do

There's so much to do in Uptown and we've made it easy to plan out the perfect weekend. Check out the event calendar and start exploring today.