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Cultural Afro-Latinx Celebration

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Dates and Times for this Past Event


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La Casa de la Cultura is pleased to announce the "Cultural Afro-Latinx Celebration," which take place on February 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th 2024. This unique event aims to celebrate and honor the rich Afro-descendant cultural heritage that has influenced various forms of art, music, dance, and traditions in the diaspora.

The “Cultural Afro-Latinx Celebration” is a vibrant event featuring a variety of activities, including live performances by talented musicians and dancers, screenings of documentary films, interactive workshops, and delicious Afro-Latinx gastronomy.
This event not only aims to entertain attendees but also to educate about the richness and diversity of Afro-Latinx culture and its impact in the diaspora. Additionally, the “Cultural Afro-Latinx Celebration” will provide a platform for the Afro-Latinx artist, creators in the diaspora to showcase their talent and connect with the community in Charlotte.
"We are excited to celebrate African cultural heritage and share its beauty with our community.