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Art Pop STREEts Gallery in Partnership with Lowe's and Truist Financial

Charlotte Center City Partners in partnership with Art Pop Street Gallery and Lowe’s created a holiday art installation in Uptown Charlotte. Regional artists transformed the Truist Plaza into a holiday winter wonderland of uniquely decorated Christmas trees. Lowe’s has provided the pre-lit Christmas trees and assorted decorations for the artists to use in their creations. 

“ArtPop Street Gallery is thrilled to partner with our friends again at Center City Partners to promote and commission local artists to bring joy to Uptown through decorating trees for the holidays… 
Local artists of Charlotte, the Triad and Atlanta regions will be creating traditional as well as uniquely decorated trees for all to enjoy!”

- Wendy Hickey, Executive Director, ArtPop Street Gallery


A special thank you to Lowe’s for donating trees and assorted decorations and toTruist Financial for hosting the exhibit! 


Bree Stallings - @breequixote 

Bree's Japanese themed tree honors her heritage using paper cranes and colors to symnolize luck and prosperity in the new year. 


Debra Aase Farnum - @golden_and_grey


Denise Torrance - @denise_torrance

Denise used Christmas trains to usher out 2020 and transport all of us into the new yaer with positivity and health. 


Emily Andres - @etandress

Emily celebrates nature in her design. 


F Marvin Espy - @artbyespy


Irisol Gonzalez - @irisolgonzalezart

Irisol's tree was draws inspiration from various botanicals. 


Janet Newton - @janetnewton


Joanna Rogers - @9189studiogallery

Joanna's tree was inspired by water colors and the Impressionist movement. 


Kathryn Bailey Wingler - @baileywingler 


Kenny Nguyen - @kennynguyenclt

Kenny's "Wishing Tree" utilizes empty gift tags so that passersby can write down their wish to hang on his tree. He acknowledges that this has been a stressful year and hopes that this tree will bring joy and hope moving into 2021! 


Laura Brosi - @theretromuse

Laura decorated her tree with hand-made 72 hearts. 


Merrie Tarillion - @merriekt_art

Merrie sought to create a vintage effect by using fabric and beads. She wanted her traditional tree to spark happiness and nostalgia. 


Michele Hoffman - @toytantrumart

Michele makes art ouf of childrens toys and donated objects - which can be seen in her playful tree! 


Raman Bhardwaj - @artistraman  

Raman's tree used Van Gogh's likeness and sunflower ornaments to create his untraditional display. 


Rebecca Lipps - @rebeccalippsart 


Robin Stallings - @raraworks

Robin's tree drew inspiration from the animal kingdom! Her display was meant to mimick the peacock's elaborate feathers.