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How to Support Small Businesses Without Spending Money

As we transition from the holiday season, maintaining support for local businesses remains crucial. Here's a practical guide on how you can continue this support without opening your wallet. 

1. Write a Review:
Share the love on Google, Yelp, or OpenTable for your favorite spots. Helps small businesses out big time!

2. Spread the Word to Friends:
Tell your loved ones about all the cool local places you frequent. Simple recommendations go a long way and your friends will appreciate it too!

3. Subscribe to Newsletters:
Stay in the loop by signing up for newsletters, plus you'll get the lowdown on local deals and events all year long.

4. Hit Up Local Events:
Attend and help promote local events. It’s not just fun; it helps the local economy too.

5. Stay Connected on Social Media:
Follow local businesses on social media. It's like joining a virtual community and goes a long way.

6. Tag You're It!:
Give local businesses a boost on social media by tagging your family and friends in their posts.

7. Show Digital Love:
Like and react to posts from your favorite businesses. It might be a small gesture but makes a big impact!

8. Share Content:
Share posts from local businesses or make your own. Recycle your "phone eats first" photos to your stories and tag those places!

9. Go Local with Shopping:
Before hitting big retailers, think about shopping local.

10. Volunteer:
If you’ve got the time, volunteer at local events like the Uptown Farmers Market. Your time matters and makes a big difference to a small business after the holidays!

As we step into the new year, let's carry forward the spirit of giving and continue to uplift our local businesses. Every small action adds up, and together, we can create a thriving and supportive community that lasts long beyond the holiday season.