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The Daily Details

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440 S Tryon St
Duke Energy Center
Charlotte, NC 28202

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As Co-Founders, this 1,500 square foot space has been a labor of love, excitement and awe. Building something from nothing is an incredible experience. Scary? Yes. Setbacks? Every step of the way. Although neither of us are mothers yet, I am sure it feels somewhat like motherhood – except our baby can be turned off and locked in at night.

The idea of TDD was born in many of the places you find yourself sitting right now; at desks in high-rise corporate offices, looking at computer screens in never-ending meetings, and on phones during your 4 hour flight back home. I (Kiri), found myself in all of these situations dreaming of a place that was fast, cute and convenient for me to pop in for a quick service while trying to juggle it all. I found that if I had a fresh new manicure, perfectly maintained brows and tamed, blown-out hair, there were few things I felt I couldn’t tackle on my Monday to-do list. Did I achieve this most days? Absolutely not.

More realistically, I would be driving at the crack of dawn to throw my dog out the door (sorry Gigi) to leave her at my sister’s house, while cursing to myself wondering why I had cut it so close to my 6am flight to New York/Boston/Iowa. Then, looking in the mirror at the airport restroom, I’d realize my curly hair had become a poof ball in the North Carolina humidity and half of my nail polish was chipping off. I would then sit silently on the plane and work backwards trying to figure out when I might be able to tackle one of these “details” that was a necessity to my psyche.

With this in mind, and over the course of a year, the idea began to flesh itself out to create a space for the working woman.  A place where she could stop into at lunch or before work to fit in one of those essential beauty tasks in-between of all the other responsibilities in her life…alas, The Daily Details! To achieve this, there was no way it could be a one-(wo)man show and luckily Nicole (Co-Founder) jumped head first into making the concept a reality. With two accountant sisters behind the scenes, and a plethora of beauty experts front and center, what we hope to achieve here at TDD is an energetic and inviting environment to meet all of your most important beauty needs. We’re the best friend you call for your first big promotion, the shoulder to lean on when you’ve had a bad day, and your first stop on a Friday afternoon. We can’t wait to meet you!

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